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Hand In Space Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Ian5655 avatar

      Vraiment chouette et de grande qualité.Même pas fini d'écouter que je télécharge déjà.Bravo!

    • Jwarha avatar
      @ wrote

      Something put on when spending a night with a loved one or a group of close friends. Its very rare that a jazz artist manages this much dept without the music becoming too "arty" and excluding most except jazzophile's. This is a album that can be enjoyed by everyone.Splendid work!

    • David.Ru avatar

      I liked the professional

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Absolutely the best kind of jazz . . piano, contrabass, brush drums . . . nice long, involved pieces . . . all a tasty spice for a perfect dinner time. . . add in a dear companion, some great wine and sweet conversation and you have my kind of evening. . . the kind I go to jazz bars to listen to . . . professionally done . . . Beautiful Jazz! edit: I have to add that I never picked this album to listen to merely because of the creepy claw on that album cover . . I didn't listen til I read a review on the review threads that said something about piano jazz . . . so I listened and I was quite happy . . . that I did . . .

    • danienel avatar

      Yes, give it to me! Great piano jazz.