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    • tony1961chl avatar

      Outstanding, scared, alone in a spaceship crew with fear, fear not, the ship's care.

    • tony1961chl avatar

      beautiful album, all tracks are beautiful, no less than the other, is the background music for a ship crossing space. Thank you.

    • Marco Niese avatar

      A real pleasure to relax and listen to. Unless you have a really good connection, make sure to download and listen locally as little pops/distortions are extremely annoying when listening to this wonderful album. I didn't give a 10 as I prefer gapless transitions, but that's really the only thing I find wrong with this album (aside from it being rather short; perhaps Matti Paalanen will at one point consider releasing an extended mix full-length Triosphere album). Also have a listen to the first album "Divinity" if you haven't already.

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      @ wrote

      Просто супер! Как бу связаться с автором? Хотелось бы пообщаться лично. На ввсякий случай приглашаю автора музыки к себе на сайт при открытии форумов звучит его музыка.

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      Fantástico albúm