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When Rock'n'Roll Was Not Business

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    • IvanIVTheZar avatar
      7 years ago

      Gran bell'album, ottimo sotto tutti gli aspetti.

    • Ex Animo avatar
      7 years ago

      Bravissimi Ragaaaaa!!!!

    • gublon avatar
      8 years ago

      Dobry album ale szybko się nudzi...

    • Yorkshiresoul avatar
      8 years ago

      For Fans of : GU Medicine, Black Spiders, Viking Skull, Raging Speedhorn Tiresia hail from Messina in Italy and began life as a Jimi Hendrix tribute outfit, which you wouldn't guess from either the band's current musical direction or vocal style. They are a 3 piece with a singing drummer ( and my normal maxim is like the talking dog, singing drummers just shouldn't be) playing something close to stoner metal and singing in English. This isn't a bad album by any means, but it is just lacking a little something. I do have the feeling that with just a little better songwriting these guys would be able to put out an album that really rocks. There is nothing wrong with musically, they have a good strong bowel loosening bass line, some crunchy riffing and Damiano's inflected vocals sound growling and mean. Best track is probably the opener Burn The Dancefloor (video below), I think the faster and heavier tracks on the album work better than the more ballad like numbers, and a couple of tracks towards the end of the album are a bit lengthy, eight minutes plus is fine if the song warrants it but the title track and Something For My Friends seem to be marking time somewhat. On the plus side, Burn The Dancefloor and Love To Die kick some serious arse and there are some moments of promise elsewhere on the album.

    • fantattoo avatar
      8 years ago

      Fajny wokal i bardzo dobre brzmienie gitar. Album różnorodny, więc nudą nie wieje. Warto posłuchać