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EP 2009 Jamendo Music album cover
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    • andreasPR avatar
      7 years ago

      Nice music, nice sound, nice rhytnm-changes. Makes me think of '70s prog-rock, e. g. YES. Rocking, just like a D.U.C.K.-tour

    • NghtMR avatar
      7 years ago

      Excellent ! I did like the most the song with Jon Anderson. You guys must keep doing what you do best... Compose... Greetings from Argentina !

    • cosmos666 avatar
      7 years ago

      Superbe production. Un groupe très mature qui nous livre une musique inspirée, des mélodies accrocheuses, superbes voix et musicalité d'ensemble. Du grand art! J'adore

    • T Robinson avatar
      7 years ago

      This album's songs weren't my style of music, but the artist has a good voice. If you were a person who liked this kind of music, than I'm sure this artist would be great to listen to.

    • cjhess avatar
      7 years ago

      Made my ears bleed, so please stop recording albums.