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Solid Void Jamendo Music album cover
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    • BBabyBBuBBlez avatar

      I thought, "Naw, I don't need to review another song. He gets I like his music." ...But, then VORTEX started! WOW!!! I feel like I've traveled from one heavenly place {Majestic} to an absolutely DIFFERENT heavenly place {Vortex} that amazes me as much as the first heavenly place {Majestic}!!! ;^) ...HMMMmmmmmmm ~ song names so far truly are SPOT ON!!!

    • BBabyBBuBBlez avatar

      First time listening to Solid Void: Majestic - Within the first FIVE chords played...I was in love.... Thank you! Vangelis should enjoy your work as much as you do his! Your new BIGGEST FAN!

    • Nikodemus777 avatar

      This is great music! Mysterious and melancolic. Excellent Soundtrack for Vids...

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Peaceful and universal . . . a place to crawl when wounded a moment of solace and comfort a music so silvery bright it takes the listener through the darkness and into the light . . . Pure loveliness . . . utter bliss .. ..

    • Susan (sle335) avatar

      Listening to Fortadelis' music creates the perfect moment in time - comforting, happy, uplifting and perfectly orchestrated. This is feel good music at its best. kick back and let your mind wander to far away places and galaxies. Take a personal vacation and surround yourself in this awesome music. It really just doesn't get any better. Amazing harmonies and instrumentation all pull together to create a masterpiece! Bravo!!