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      This band has been a staple in my Ipod for quite a while. Although this not the genre of music I gravitate towards, their music is amazing. The vocals are incredable. The growth with each album is undeniable. Can't wait to hear their future holds!

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      @ wrote

      Puntuale, precisa, aggressiva ma soffice, in fusione eccelsa con la band. Grazie.

    • da lombo avatar

      дійсно здорово, так тримати

    • PolishGal avatar

      Rock in the great style! I just love it :) And the female voice is so stunnig! Subtle yet powerful, gentle but firm! Congratulations, guys! Greetings from Poland ;)

    • AstroBiker avatar

      mit einer herrlichen - nein weiblichen Stimme, welche die Stimmungswechsel teils verursacht, teils ihnen folgt. Bolschoje Spasibo