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    • orangeupurple avatar

      Wow - That was good. I don't think I've ever looked at the cello as a star, before. This one is a shining star and now I know better. Lovira, you know how to make that cello sing. This album is captivating from track one, "Hybrid" being so upbeat, "Sady" is emotional and poignant and tugs at the heartstrings. That track seems to end at about 3:20 instead of 4:16 and left a soundless abyss, but that is my only complaint. I love the way the different voices of the cello seem to entwine, flirt with each other, compliment and honor the other in "Harmony." "Cana de Pesca" had a beauty that wanted to take off and fly and it did. Overall, beautifully composed and played, a magical album. It is a little short but hopefully the artist will provide us with more of this creative genre. Very nice, thank you for sharing!

    • Gaby Cardoso avatar

      Muy buen album, hermosas y relajantes melodias y sonidos. Un gran trabajo, felicitaciones y suerte!

    • wurfie avatar
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      Toe tapping, joyful, melancholy and always original. If you ever wants inspiration to take up electric cello, here 'tis! Nice layering of very different cello styles makes for original pop, cello fun with a twist of classical. Wurfie's mind is bent.

    • Electric Sound Continuum avatar

      Though technically not perfectly recorded, this is music that tugs the heartstrings. "Sady" is achingly melancholic and my favorite thing on this album. Great cello playing too!

    • kadzbiz avatar

      One of my favourite instruments. Though the tracks may need a little tightening up, the very character of the cello allows for a bit of "rawness" in the playing. I was held captive with every piece. There is a lot of talent here that we are sure to see develop further with every new album. Lovira, don't stop. Great stuff.