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      Un álbum que únicamente saben crear los maestros de la música eléctronica. Todas las canciones (sí, todas) tienen alguna cosa que hace que los oídos se enganchen a la música. Gracias por esta hermosa y maravillosa creación eléctronica.

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      Salut Olivier ! Merci beaucoup pour votre musique superbe ! Thanx a lot for your superb music ! Vidéo avec votre musique / video with your music : http://vimeo.com/46020449

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      Impeccablement maitrisé, de très bonne ambiance, entre musique de film, Trip Hop et Drill and Bass. Autant d'ingrédients qui devraient réjouir. Malheureusement je n'ai pas réussi à entrer complément dans cet univers.

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      Bleibe bei den ersten 2 Tracks interessiert hängen. N°3 is in meiner playlist gelandet , es geht gut weiter. N°5 is ein neg. Ausrutscher; zu monoton. N°6 schöner Groove , aber unspektakulär. N°7 crazy soundtrack o. vidgame. Abgefahren.... N°9 wieder richtig mutig u. schräg. Playlist N°10 schön "tricky" , der Beat . Alle Elemente greifen logisch ineinander. Rund & Super Steigerung. N°11 Nomen est Omen ...Darth Vader auf LSD...nix für mich. N°16 Kopf in den Nacken ......und tschüss.Enjoy the flight.....playlist N°17 Nich auf der Autobahn hören .Gefährlich. Mir gefällt der Ansatz dieses Albums, sich überall mal auszuprobieren, nich nur auf "einer Schiene" zu fahren .Bei der Vielzahl der Tracks kann einem nich alles gleich gut gefallen , aber für Jeden ist genug dabei. Sehr individuell , ne eigene Marke. Soundquali. ebenfalls klasse . U.L.I.

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      I just finished listening to OG1, and wanted to write the review that I promised. Here it goes. Music often serves as a catalyst or inspiration for other activities. I listened to this album as I sat painting an acrylics on canvas piece that I had been working on. I enjoy the electronic music genre, though its worth adding that this taste for the electronic is not all inclusive. It is in poor judgment to predetermine an attitude toward any one genre. That being said, this album is in the higher brackets of the genre for me personally. I scored it a 9 because 10 is an impossibility. Perfection does not exist, so a score of 10 seems philosophically unachievable. The album OG1 contains tracks that could remind listeners of such commercial musicians as 808State, Leftfield, The Orb and mayhap it could even be argued that elements of sneaker pimps(instrumental portions namely) and early Moby come and go throughout the production and execution of the album. It is good to be original, but it is also good to learn from those that exhibit obvious skill. OG1 is that album. It culminates many electric tones and ideas. Not a cheap copy of electric, but the real thing! Turn it on, and tune out with this music! Thanks for sharing this, it's a charm.