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    • SharpSteel avatar
      8 years ago

      The track "sunrise" is like a beautiful flower among garbage.

    • violenza avatar
      9 years ago

      after a couple of hours of listening to various other electronic artists on here, i will not hesitate to tell you FUCK YEAH this is how you do it

    • Jiraku avatar
      9 years ago

      First of all let me say, thank god for another i am this album. Put the other Jamendo artists in their place! The newest album Paragon is seems very different from older i am this stuff. For example, most of the songs are this sort of alternative, drumnbass, experimental kind of stuff. Which leads me to the title of the review; Does i am this like NIN? The album overall, reminds me of some of the newer material from Nine Inch Nails (Maybe like "The Slip"?) and is pulled together really well, and shows that i am this is opening himself to new styles of music. The biggest example being "Be a man". Now for any fans who might want to shoot me in the head for this review, don't. I am a big fan of i am this, and respect his music dearly. I also think that there are some classic i am this moments in the album. All and all a great album. a great experimental showing from i am this. and a great album cover, show that Mike Templeton hasn't lost his edge. Some i am this fans might be surprised by the path he took on this album, but it's still worth a look and download. A must download for experimental fans.

    • wirarama avatar
      9 years ago

      Nice variety on short minutes! Drum beat and bassline is so cool! string voice is so elegant. & i like the looping effect on string. Its not a head banging fast song but its realy cool & stylist song, i think! great music!