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Solanum Jamendo Music album cover
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    • CaptainOblivious avatar
      7 years ago

      I have a special place in my heart for most things German. These guys dont dissappoint. The tunes are melodic, dark, ambient, yet metal and hard. This album in particular I think is there best work.

    • MissSchattig avatar
      7 years ago

      Ein kleines Kunstwerk, das hier mit Stimme, Musik und Text überzeugt! Ich find's toll!

    • Wogis avatar
      8 years ago

      sehr gut !!!

    • Zegrod avatar
      8 years ago

      очень даже не плохо))))я ожидал худшего))))по 10 бальной шкале поставлю 7))))))т.к. дарквейвом это не может являться....потому что присутствуют живые инструменты))))и больше похоже на дезрок))

    • vulturius avatar
      8 years ago

      Ok, I confess I thought it's only another german electro-gothic band. I was wrong. :) It's extraordinary music with a variety of genres inside. The intro of Ewigkeit (piano with some electronics) was a first big surprise. The bigger one was instrumental, little orchestral and operatic Estuanius. Mystical sounds of Winter are my personal best on this album. Someone wrote, that the Solanum album sounds like many albums of 80's and I can agree. It's a big advantage. Bravo!