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Above the Clouds Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      grazing through the fields of clouds the music carries the listener above the common grounds and gives a tranquility that is precious and profound having a sigh of satisfaction wrapped in a soothing blanket of peacefully created compositions the listener can relax and let the moment take care of itself .. . . ************************** perfect for relaxing moments . .. divinely created . . . heaven's inspiration . . .

    • sirsaint avatar

      The Tunes in both halfs are relaxing and just awesome. Hope there will be more sooner or later.

    • gemesi avatar
      @ wrote

      It is a really great album! And it's a special delight that one of my favorites - "mindthings" - also praised the work of my Hungarian compatriot. Dear p.a.p. you are very modest, it is far more than "not so bad". Your music was flowing through not only in my ears but also in my mind and soul. Thanks!

    • vyctor avatar
      @ wrote

      Well done ambient music, I can imagine to rehear it in a movie or in an unearthly sci-fi computer game. The tunes are picturefully and visionary, floating like an illusion. The next time when I will read a Cyberpunk story, it will be the music what I listen to feel more futuristic mood. The video for "cloudy" (such as I usually mention my favorit song of you: Above the Clouds) is nice and has a full synergy with notes and rhythm of the music. I'm curious about your next album.

    • mindthings avatar

      Only few words : I love it ! AWESOME SOUND.