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    • OFF_THE_LIP avatar

      genius, balanced album. absolutely eclectic, food for thought.

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Bright and busy with sounds and layers . . . expressions of tones with some spacey and a couple which were emotional, such as "Ocean Dream" of which I loved the intro which then flowed through the percussion . . . This was a consistently nice album which I especially liked for the energy it gave me . . .

    • clipnotic avatar

      This album is very great! It offers wonderful music in different styles. My favorites are: - Nestification - Bitwise - SPCial Rebirth I love electro music with gamemusic charakter! :-) - Metal Tears This track is good placed as Track 9! :-) It suprised after listened to track 8 which is very nice and smooth chillout music. - Saturday Night That's very nice club track with nice melody and sounds very great!

    • kuebass avatar

      lovely sound. very good music. In every second I discover a new sounds a little sample that make more rich your music.

    • nymin avatar
      @ wrote

      Великолепно, как бы не было странно, но ассоциации с поздним электронным бурзумом О_о (напр. Tuistos Herz и т.д.)