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Trio for Flute, Cymbals, & Glass Jamendo Music album cover

Trio for Flute, Cymbals, & Glass

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    • erasethegrey93 avatar

      buena idea en incluir una flauta con la música drone suena muy bien en mi opinión gracias por compartir

    • brendaclews avatar

      This minimalist yet expansive flute piece is beautiful. Mindful, meditative, filled with the reflection of moon on lake. Lip on flute, breath in music. The playing a sensitive approach to sounds in silences, a respect for the aural presence of the world. Experimental and improvisational, the cymbals and glass bells support the voice of the flute. A superb track.

    • Hikosaemon avatar

      Great atmospheric music, just a shame about the ND license.

    • NUBEDEPOLVO avatar

      Màs que una pieza deliberadamente microtonal, creo que es un trabajo de experimentaciòn y hasta de improvisaciòn. Aùn asì, la atmòsfera que se logra no llega a ser pesada. Jorgestrada.

    • Mac of BIOnighT avatar

      Very suggestive work, film-like in its ability to conjure up images - great stuff!