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Black Rain (single)

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    • Fabrice Gears avatar

      3 mns of beautiful but sad music. Hiroshima but I too think about Nagasaki, Tchernobil, Three Miles islands... With hope this music doesn't show the future earth sadness, with hope than Years later will still exists people to listen this great "song". Like daisilys , expecting the whole project Bravo

    • AngusWallace avatar

      Really like the sparse piano at the start. I didn't like the entry of the strings so much, but really liked the discordant backing at the end. The thematic building throughout really makes things tense - very effective. As another reviewer said, piano's great too :-) Thanks for sharing! -Angus

    • orangeupurple avatar

      This is a very memorable piece with its solemn tempo and measured heartfelt piano. The music gives the feeling of presentiment and is evocative of the horrors to come. Excellent but a sad theme.

    • cvijaxo avatar

      Lena really can make piano sing with great patos and emotions. This is a very thoughtfull and emotive moment of contemplating on destruction of life.

    • NUBEDEPOLVO avatar

      Doc y Lena es una de las mancuernas musicales màs valiosas que he encontrado en la mùsica. Cada trabajo suyo es una joya. En esta ocasiòn la pieza que presentan (aunque me parece que pudo abarcar màs) es de un dramatìsmo que inmediatamente nos arrastra a la evocaciòn de un suceso que forma parte de la historia oscura de la humanidad. Es una llamada a la conciencia de las cosas que no se pueden seguir repitiendo. Jorgestrada.