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    • YoussoufKarembe avatar

      ambadji is my song about love that ends very good beetwen Ambadji the young man and Yatandou the young woman

    • massilevert avatar

      J'aimerais l'offrir pour ma mère pour son anniversaire demain.I'm going buy it but i want to know the message send in odamiya.because i like this song.(je voudrais savoir le message véhiculé dans le morceau odamiya.) Congratulations and courage

    • onefernandes avatar

      Beautiful and peaceful sound...what a pleasure to listen. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Evgeny Emelyanov avatar

      I think it is amazink. Just wonderful atmosphere and beautiful songs. Thank you for the music :D

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      OK!! Love-love-love this . . . I love African music and here we have a shining star . . . And also so much to read about him and his group . . . so I was curious and checked out information regarding his motherland . . . I appreciate, very much, the informative shares he gave about himself and his group . . . it makes me feel more connected, more invested in the group. . . I am a new fan! It would be nice though, if the lyrics were explained so that we understand what the songs are about . . Love? Revenge? War? . . . The music is warm and energizing . . . the overall sound is beautiful and intriguing . . . "ambadji" gave me a sweet heartache . . like listening to something that resonates with my soul . . . something sentimental, maybe plaintive . . I could hear the heart beat of the musicians . . the soul of the singer . . so beautiful!