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Artificial Flavor Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Good start, is this industrial? Not quite, it's airy and carries itself lightly into the first track, which trots along merrily for nearly nine minutes, without losing its impetus and interest. Which is kind of how the whole album is, mellow but still powerful is how it goes on for the most part, and it goes on a lot while managing to keep your ears and brain interested, with what appears to be carefully constructed variations on a similar theme. Skyscraper is massively good listening, with awesome bass (and better than Dave Lee Roth LOL) Recommended!-)

    • LordGothic avatar
      10 years ago

      Buen trabajo el realizado en este disco, muy buenos ritmos electronicos, que nos permiten disfrutar de la musica electronica en todos los sentidos, muy bueno, para recomendar...

    • umbriel rising avatar
      11 years ago

      nice beat heavy work with a mixture of old skool sounds such as Kraftwerk, trance, acid, prog house and techno etc. Should go down a storm on the dancefloor at some chic electro nightclub. Some sections are a little repeitious for me in parts but that pattern/repetition is important for dancefloor orientated music. This album is definately a DJ's delight. There are some truly marvellous sweeps and resonances in this album and the production quality is very good ! The Escape was my favourite tune btw.

    • tpnavas avatar
      11 years ago

      Your album is fantastic, but without any doubt, Future Borrow is one of the best tracks I have ever listened!, the beginning of the track calm, and then the drumm rythm...all the sounds, how the track is growing, the sounds choosen; yes it is in my top 5 tracks on my player. Keep Going

    • slim666 avatar
      11 years ago