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Believe your Ears

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    • valentiniano avatar

      No me queda otra que santiguarme,y deciros que vaya maravilla de proyecto teneis aqui,este Believe your Ears,esta a la altura de toto,genesis,pero sin envidiarles en ningun momento......Sensacional,espero tocar de telonero vuestro en el Bernabeu.jajaajajajaja......Felipe CHAPPO.y a los demas porsupuesto.

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar

      This is the second track I ever listened to by Ear3 and to tell the truth was expecting something at least as good as this .The Meeting was my first track ,and that one blew me away . This track is no exception to my previous statement. This band is so far beyond average it isn't funny . There are many very successful bands out there that do not have 1/100th of the skills that this band shows in every track that they make. They are absolute masters at their craft and all anyone has to do is listen to a track to discover I am telling it like it is. I love the title to this piece. That statement " Believe your Ears " seems almost like a pun was decided to be used . But I also think it would have made for an excellent name for this band . But that title is so hard to do ! because when you hear this exceptional music ,the first thing you want to say is I don't believe my ears ! LOL The Artwork for every song is very good and interesting . i would love to buy some posters and frame them . And the music ! Well all I can do is recap what I have said in other reviews about this band . the timing and key changes remind me of a very well made Jazz track or even classical, but the music reminds me of a movie soundtrack Only better. Beyond exceptional skills are involved in creating living and breathing masterpieces as this band creates . The music is an entity not just some sounds flowing out of your speakers . It is larger than life on a grand scale . Similar to watching a very well made movie. Keep it up guys! You should be a source of inspiration to any band that has notions of being good !

    • Metabarao avatar

      Ear3 é uma banda instrumental muito interessante, que lança as faixas separadamente ao invés de reuni-las num álbum. Aqui, podemos ouvir uma mistura de fusion, shred guitar teclados que remetem ao progressivo da década de 80. A fixa é dinâmica e prende a atenção, mesmo sendo longa. Recomendado aos progheads!

    • Exe.Cute avatar

      Amo tantissimo queste sonorità Progressive (mi ricordano un gruppo che adoro i The Flower Kings). Veramente ben suonato (immenso PeerGynt). Suoni onirici che fanno volare l'anima verso luoghi incantati...

    • someone235 avatar

      You are the first artist I've listened to in jamendo, and u didn't disappointed me!