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Artificial Horizon

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    • 10 years ago

      pas terrible a part les deux premiers morceaux qui sont bien le reste est hors du coup. je m'attendais à mieux de la part de Mark Nine. Ma préférence reste toujours le premier album. .... vraiment dommage

    • 11 years ago

      It's a real breath to ear your music, like this bird, we're fill with wind of peacefullness. I'm not sure my english is correct, but I think you understand that I like it. Personnely I prefer your song not to much beated, except for bondonseesender

    • 11 years ago

      I think those detuned violins in the 2nd and 4th were otiose. The drumloop's tempo in 4th isn't right - too slow, the same in 8th. I really don't like tracks ended by fade-out - it always gives me a sense of incomplete, and those 1 minute-and-some segments, what's their point? They may be good for extending EP to LP, but as music they seem pretty worthless to me 'cause they end before they start, even for an intro they ain't enough. Bodonseesender was made properly (if ignore the fade out). The track 9 was cool with strong steady beat. 11 was very interesting, the drumloop was slightly offbeat. 13 which is more ambient than chillout was very calming. In genearal I can definitely say that the artist's got it, he knows how to make Chill, and those little drawbacks with loops can be easily fixed. Loops tempo can be adjusted by changing their pitch, but you gotta have a good sense of rhythm to make it flawlessly, the best way is to open loops with slicer, so you can arrange every fragment exactly on beat.

    • 11 years ago

      I came across this in my usual random browsing and really loved the atmosphere and synth sounds used. The drumbeats are really solid and keep you floating in the state of dreaminess. The basslines are very thick and full of tone which I like to hear in music like this. While looking at the album cover I would have expected something like beach and whale sounds, but this gives me a spacey feeling, the kind I like. I'm hard to impress, however you have succeeded to impress me. Overall for best results I highly recommend: -Numbers -Bodonseesender -Soliton (the intro is weird but the drumloop is great!) N.B. Towards the end of the album the songs stopped loading for me