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Soft Opera Jamendo Music album cover
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      Sonorità pulite e fantasiose combinate e mescolate con grande maestria. Proprio una bella scoperta.

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      These musical compositions were displayed, on the whole, as quite a unique patchwork quilt of sounds and instruments, showcased and starred . . .various instruments presenting their voices to these compositions . .. sharing a tale, a story, a memory . . . a song . . . the stitching together of these pieces was quite fine, often delicate and quite often stunningly divine . . The listener could visualize the passionately vivid pieces framing quieter and more pastel colors . . . there was emotion and direction in these songs; and also could envision this album used in a documentary or other film . . It seemed as if the whole album was one longish composition . . . and was quite good keeping this listener's attention the whole time during two listens . . I followed the notes and ideas through into dreams of places and adventures . . .loves and beauty and perhaps a somewhat surreal and gorgeous patchwork quilt of a garden . . this was a very nice album and deserves to be listened to . . .