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    • Roberto Navarro Gómez avatar

      I got here cause I listened to one background song on a Youtube video, and I loved it. It was "Fly With Me". I thought then this band would be more popular. Indeed, IMO they deserve much more popularity, cause they make a great mix of genres. Most of you claim this is indie rock. But it seems to me like a mix of alternative-punk and indie. It's kinda like Billy Talent to me, and I love both bands. Really good material!

    • Shirley_Poppy avatar

      I really like this album, it gives off a very strong feeling, powerful and convincing. For me, it sounds like Muse mixed along with the voice of the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand. My favourite tracks are Your reality, Let me go and Fly with me. This song would sound great live ! Thanks for your hard word, waiting for more of your songs.

    • milenamaura avatar

      I am very please with any information regarding this team. I am enchanted them. Unfortunately, I'm looking and I could not find anything about them. Please help :) Where did come from, how long they play, how many albums they released?

    • skmk1818 avatar

      sher gute Musik, trifft genau meinen Nerv

    • jfs889 avatar
      @ wrote

      Je recherchait depuis longtemps si des groupes pouvaient me faire ressentir les mêmes sensations qu'un album de Indochine. Je pense avoir trouvé avec Steep. La ouo le bat blesse, c'est que se groupe possède des chansons avec des textes intelligibles même s'ils sont en Anglais. En bref de la bonne guitare et une superbe voix pour ce groupe.