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An Island of Joy (In a Sea of Electronic Dreams)

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    • Ivan1984 avatar

      The first track captures the essence of the spirits of the sea dancing in the mist, the foundation of the mermaid myth perhaps. A mirage in the moving desert of the sea, or is the desert a slow motion ocean? Exceptionally transcendent in structure and tone, it holds your attention at quite a deep level of consciousness. I have to say I'm not a great fan of Debussy, so I don't have the foreknowledge of the original works and will view these interpretations as tracks in themselves. The level of control over such a slow moving gargantuan structure bears testimony to a grand amount of tolerance and patience to create and experience, as well as creative skill in working with classical music as a foundation stone and redeveloping it into something new and perhaps better. A postmodern view of Debussy. The piano of Lena works wonderfully well and pulls the greater construct of Doc's work into a tighter focus. Beautiful stuff, combined well. Behind the Veils brings to mind again, a spiritual essence to the elemental force of water. It being an alien environment right under our noses, relative to geographical positioning, conjures up the idea of the surface tension as being the first veil to transgress. Sinking deeper, i.e. drowning effectively, makes me wonder how many stages of consciousness and involvement there are to being overcome by such an emotional medium. Blavatsky comes to mind, as well as the original classical composer, both of whom would have found life and its mysteries, a different fascination to what we would generally do so now. As you float slowly downwards there is a simultaneously floating upwards in a bipolarity of changes of being and existence. Stages of death by drowning and transmigration of the soul. Separation anxiety must add to the trauma that could be possible, although this track is a peaceful transgression of subtle boundaries. Again, the piano adds that vital spark of life going on regardless and amenable structuring to the vast sway of the synthetically interpreted tides and undercurrents. An Island of Joy (In a Sea of Electronic Dreams) begins with the crashing surf against piano key crabs scuttling on the beach, amongst the driftwood and seaweed, left stranded. A safer viewing of the environmental element, from comparatively dry land. An alternative perspective, where the listener is surrounded rather than submerged as such. Although as the waves crash to the shore, it remains a constant, temperamental variable with a hearty roar. Linguistically, a sea of electronic dreams seems somewhat paradoxical, electricity and water not being particularly compatible as a rule, but dreams cover the apparent juxtaposition. Acceptability only being possible in a virtual time and space at the end of the day, and fitting as the last track of the album, where it converges all sensations into an admissive format. Permissable perambulation, a convenient conjunction of disparate entities. In an age when the sea apparently threatens to overwhelm our last bastion of defence, the good old terra firma. The compromise being wiggling your toes in the wet sand as the foam washes over them, slightly shifting your stance in relation to the transposition of the boundary between. Overall, a truly epic testimonial to a great artist by two other great artists. Nice work. Certainly one to meditate upon.

    • loveovergold avatar

      Ho ascoltato molte volte questo album, in giorni e stati d'animo diversi. Una volta l'ho ascoltato anche nel sonno e mi ha sempre dato tranquillità e profondità. Anche con questo album ho potuto sentire il mio corpo, la sua consistenza ed andare oltre. E' la bellezza del "morire" per poi tornare a vivere con più sensibilità. Una cosa che mi piace di Doc & Lena è che creano brani con una durata che oscilla dai 15 ai 30 minuti. Infatti, questa è la durata ideale per fare la meditazione. Il prolungamento nello smorzamento dei suoni, il piano, il rumore del mare e la risonanza del gong rendono questo album molto adatto a liberare energie durante la meditazione. I have listened to this album a lot of times, in days and different states of mind. Once I have also listened to it sleeping and always it has given me calm and depth. Also with this album I have been able to feel my body, his consistence and to go over.It's the beauty of the "to die" for then to return to live with more sensibilities. A thing that I like of Doc & Lena is that they create songs with a duration from 15 to the 30 minutes. In fact, this is the ideal duration to make the meditation. The prolongation in the dumping of the sounds, the piano, the noise of the sea and the resonance of the gong make this very proper album for to free energies during the meditation

    • KraftiM avatar

      What a luxury if you have time enough to listen. This ambient and classic/modern work needs a complete quiet environment and brings you an impression of Debussy's rich tonal world brought to you in a way only Doc can provide: deep stirring and moving sounds that evoke a happy state of mind. Yer second chakra will be completely stirred and shaken. A cheaper trip ain't possible. Water in all its shapes is present, the very dark and deep, till the sprinkling freshnes of a cleaning waterfall. Lena's pianoplaying, hidden in the beginning blooms up after the dense fog in the start, light shines through in part two and the magic fully rewards you in part 3. Visit this island of joy on a free trip that reveals dimensions unheard till now. Master Doc, thank you again!!

    • SaReGaMa avatar

      The first track brought upon me a very special state of mind - calm and yet alerted. It lasted about 16 minutes and then unexpected piano sounds knocked me out of it completely. It feeled like a buzz of alarm clock in some fascinating dream at the point that the last thing you wanna do is wake up. At least for me the blending of Ambient and piano in this track was less successful than in 'Echoes from an Engulfed Cathedral' album. The second track reminded me more or less of what I've heard in 'Echoes'. The third track... Hm, I probably got tired, I only remember it was too long, will have to listen to it once more some other time. Good work overall.