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Noble, Sentimental & Ambient Waltzes

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      Ivan1984 a déjà tout dit, avec une pertinence à laquelle j'adhère sans réserve. J'ajouterai simplement qu'hormis la grande qualité sonore que l'on trouve toujours dans le travail de Lena et Doc, cet album est d'une richesse sensationnelle, un ravissement de chaque instant, avec des trouvailles stupéfiantes. J'apprécie particulièrement l'intitulé des pistes qui donnent le ton de l'ambiance et de l'expression musicale. Bravo. Merci de partager ainsi votre talent.

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      I'm very surprised. It's fantastic.

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      I can't get enough of this wonderful artist.

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      Beautiful sound construction from the start, as I would expect from this artistic duo. Personified, the first track speaks volumes in its chosen form of expression and says a lot about the artists involved, there are many ways to communicate, some more obvious, some tacit and indescribable almost. I talk to people who are disparate geographically all the time, so the title makes me feel less alone, than I am socially. As for the muscial expression/communication, it does demand that you meet it halfway, and connect with it and the underlying emotional investment. Profoundly good piece that progresses in a fantastic manner. The second track, takes a musical walk along a fine line indeed, well-balanced and exemplary of the passion that is part of a truly fine essence embedded enthusiastically and openly into the creation of such work. If I could dance, I would like to be able to dance to this wonderful creativity. It is not just ambient music that helps you to 'relax', it is dynamic and asks you to get up and do something, motivates you, compels you, questions you. That heart and sould are put into this, to me is more than obvious and as fully appreciated as my senses will allow/enable me to do so. It is a real treat to listen to and integrate with. To be able to develop and evolve musically over such lengths of music-making, is an amazing attribute for the artists to possess, and quite a rare one. The third track, And if I have no love (I will be nothing) speaks from hearts that are real and from people who, I suspect, are willing to accept a sense of self-responsibility that few are perhaps even capable of doing. Money might make the world go round, but love holds it all together and having the strength of conscience to stand up and speak, means that you can fall asleep at the end of the day knowing that you have done your best and that that, in itself, is good enough a contribution to the world and its current state in its wobbling ellipsis. And I don't mean simply in an astronomical sense, but also metaphorically. If a change is going to happen, you got to help it on its way, to paraphrase an old punk band called Zounds (if memory serves). They never made the top ten, but with lyrics like that, it never would and that also speaks volumes. What are we presented with now in terms of mainstream 'bling'? The focus of the individual is too wrapped up in the private lives of individuals to notice the bigger, more important issues of socio-economic and political matters. And, a lot of people seem too self-involved in just trying to survive, literally with bombs falling around their ears, to making ends meet and paying their bills and feeding their children. So, the best we can achieve is a form of control and indoctrination constructed by the erstwhile powers that be. Love, in its expansive form of caring for all, is what we need more of. Individual love(s) is/are the tiny nexus of that development up to the macro-level of caring for the world in general. I digress, (again!) but such fantastic musical creativity should be inspiring, and how that touches me is very subjective, that's inescapable, though I try to objectify it and perspectivise so that others can read this and maybe think twice as they listen. That secondary development of thought, could make all the difference. As soon as I close my eyes (I can't recall what my face is like), gives me the thought that a lot of self-reflection relies on superficial standards of self-awareness, and in forgetting that beauty is genuinely more than skin deep perhaps helps to explain why people don't seem to get involved in their local community, let alone their national/international ones. That level of introspection doesn't get a look in and therefore the individual loses out on the opportunity to develop and act upon self-realisation of those all-important matters of the administration of world affairs. Musically, this piece is the darkest so far, without harking to the superficiality of occultism, and who remembers Blavatsky? Too busy playing magic after reading a bit of Crowley, and his poetry and mountaineering are more interesting than his magick. Anyway, the track lightens with Lena's piano, which doesn't surprise me, and the end of the track becomes more optimistic and leads me to feel that perhaps there is some hope in the reconciliation between the mirror image and the reality of the person looking at that reflection, inculcating a deeper sense of self-awareness and integration with others, from the micro to macro levels. The final track remains a mystery to me as far as the date, I can only think of the French invading Spain in that month and year (again, if memory serves), but I don't feel that this is connected with the music. So, it's about something I am not aware of. The track begins dramatically and retains a sense of importance, that I could only hope to pick up on subliminally. So, I will shut up and enjoy, as I have throughout, this wonderful music. Sentimental waltzes of my mind, and maybe the minds/hearts/souls of others who take the time to listen. Overall, I have found this album very moving, and a very sensitive, emotional expression of a couple of good souls themselves. I trust my intuition on that score, and these days I find I am trusting it more. The whole album is poetry in motion and should form a dance troupe performance in a display sometime, someplace, somehow. Somebody, once said to me that John Lennon said something like 'writing about music, is like dancing about sculpture'. My response was that, in creating a piece of sculpture, that artist did perform something of a dance around his/her work, and that that was inevitably invested into the end product and therefore transmitted in the static form and hopefully received by a sensitive observer. My words are sometimes my written response to how the music moves and touches me. It's not about right or wrong, it's just my epistemological interpretation and, as I've said, inescapably subjective. All, I can do to sum up, is urge you to listen and try to feel the passion which has been integrated into this fantastic album. Enjoy!

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      Grandeur, mélancolie... se dégagent de cette musique qui nous interpelle dans tous nos rêves échoués. L La voix humaine susurre et répète:"J'irai pas chercher la partition".....une voixde femme lui répond, à peine audible, la musique dit TOUT.