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      Экспериментальная музыка - синтез голосов, хлопанья дверей, взрывающихся петард, телефонных звонков, шума города, а главное - интригующие, завораживающие ритмы.

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      Complimenti ancora una volta, i tuoi album sono qualcosa di affascinante. DOC MUSIC RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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      Berlin 1985...j'ai entendu cela avec ce tempo à l'époque...très bonne réalisation!

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Nice bounciness in the first track, seems I could be in for some light-hearted music in this album. Lots of voice/music combinations to create and enhance the rhythmic structure and motivation of Nein Absolut Nicht. The next track, Etwas Funky, is a lovely piece of funkadelica, delicately done but with a humbleness of fun in funk. Makes it much more enjoyable for that endearing quality alone, let alone the apparent skill in the diversity of the artist. Nymphenburg Dub collects itself into a thoroughly fine dubstepping track, again more testament to the ability of .doc to wear many hats, and all of them seem to be fine examples of headgear. There continues the dub theme with Hey Papa, again nicely done, quite spacious in performance and interesting listening. Karussell circles around your head with a cool simplicity and disproportionate effect on the ear to brain relationship. Quite a mix of sound sources that actually slot together wonderfully well. Again, the overall essence of fun endures and endears simultaneously. I once owned a dog called Bruno, and someone suggested the name would have suited a bear, but my parents wouldn't let me have one. Spoilsports, bless them both. More diversity, a decent techno-fusion piece of creativity, with some nice touches towards the end, just to underline the point. Mein Mann has all the poise and drama of a soundtrack, then the film begins, schwartz-style, film noir. A quiet piece predominated by female voice overs, der Mann getting the odd word in edgeways!-) Brings the thought of Robert Musil to mind, or perhaps more suitably Gunter Grass, or Döblin. Dub returns with the Hauptkommissar, a bureaucracy full of bass, which could be interesting for the filing system. Komisch a small, simple and intricate play with words, and percussion, with mild moments of dramatic pulsations. A sea shanty towards the end. Tidy. Then, to finish, Kripo München a drama in itself, sounds like an interrogation by music as the truth serum. All-in-all a good bit of fun with sounds. I really quite liked that.

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      Das Album macht Spaß zu hören ist EIGEN und raviniert gemacht... ich finde es GENIAL eine ENTDECKUNG