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    • ™uerdo la boca avatar
      6 years ago

      Hi Josh, I'm a student of spain, and I had to search a artist in jamengo that I like to promote at here, would you help me? I need information of you, thanks!

    • krzysztobr avatar
      7 years ago

      Równy świetny albumik. Nie ma słabych kawałków. Minimalistyczny ale stylowy, melodyjny ale nie nudny i nie ciągnie się jak flaki z olejem. Świetna aranżacja - pokazuje jak z niewielu zrobić wiele. Polecam.

    • Jiraku avatar
      7 years ago

      Alright, now let me get this out of the way quick. I don't hate this album, as matter of fact I find it very interesting, but as I've said in other reviews, interesting doesn't mean amazing (to me), like other reviews state, but it is a good attempt by Woodward to create an album encompassing many different genres of music. I've noticed styles similar to the Beatles, the Fray, John Mayer, and other people, and I like that. As mater of fact there Songs like Swansong, Private Hurricane and Under the Stars, are amazing to me, and I can hum over and over again during the day, but I can also see a lot of songs that just aren't memorable in this album. With this said Josh Woodward made an album that is going to be fantastic to many people. Especially if you're into this kind of music specifically, however I feel that there are some holes needed to patched and some styles (especially lyrically) that should be polished. Once he figures out how to do this, Breadcrumbs will still be a good album, but lots of people will realize just how much better he could've done on this album.

    • jakis.ktos2 avatar
      7 years ago

      Swansong... dziękuję Ubuntu za ukazanie mi takiego wspaniałego artysty! Okładka doskonała, brzmienie doskonałe, nic dodać, nic ująć. Świetne, naprawdę warto.

    • marciofrancesco avatar
      7 years ago

      Darien Gap, Postcard From Hell, Soft Orange Glow, Insomnia, Big Disco Ball, Infinite Horizon... melodias inesquecíveis. Mas minha favorita é Nothing in the Dark - Hollywood precisa conhecer. Pictórica, verdadeira musica incidental.