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    • cammsav avatar
      10 years ago

      Good album...great building intros to each mix and varied instrumentation on each. Seems a little repetitive but then again, these ARE four mixes of the same song. I would say (and I've noticed this on other ED3-STUDIO albums) that there needs to be more varied dynamics...more fade-ins and fade-outs. This is especially noticeable with the strings on each track; they're just "there" with little dynamic sense of the ebb and flow communicated by the part they play. Each part could use some dynamic variance, but fixing the strings would remove the most noticeable examples of this. Overall, these are enjoyable tunes once the strings move into the background.

    • colemangal85 avatar
      10 years ago

      Hello, I really like your album and I am thinking about using some of your music in my documentary about the truth about witches for a school project and would like to submit it to movie festivals once I am done. I was wondering if I could get your permission to use your music in my documentary. I would credit you in my credits just let me know how you want to be credited. Also I do not plan on altering your music in any way other than I might not use a whole piece. Either way, could you email me colemangal85@yahoo.com and let me know. Thanks, Heather

    • JOSY 1 avatar
      11 years ago

      continuez il y a de la recherche! bravo!

    • Saryon avatar
      11 years ago

      Después de escuchar este single, creo que ATB ya tiene un digno sucesor. La primera versión del tema tiene un subidón nada más comenzar, totalmente increible. El sonido de guitarra queda muy bien. La versión orquestal está muy trabajada. Y la digital tiene un ambiente genial. En definitiva, un muy buen álbum.

    • cyborgjeff avatar
      11 years ago

      ca commence avec une jolie mélodie au piano Yamaha ;p et des strings de Yamaha aussi je pense... on sent l'envie de faire qqch de chouette et plein d'idée.. mais une limite matériel.. tous les sons semble venir du même synthétiseur et donne un aspect fort "midi". et c'est bien dommage, car il y a vraiment de belle mélodie, vraiment je t'invite à découvrir les VSTi (dont certains sont gratuits)... cela te permettra de postitionner ton travail dans un style nettement plus professionel !.. tout étant que tu as intéret à grader ce son de piano si tu veux le piano, car lui est très très beau ! (7 pour la mélodie)