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96/98 Jamendo Music album cover
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    • alaintime avatar
      8 years ago

      cet album est tout simplement une expérience à vivre !! Merci pour ce partage "cosmique" !!

    • hubert_huzzah avatar
      8 years ago

      Having accidentally listened to this while a rhythm track was running, I was a tiny bit disappointed that there was no crap drum track. Then I realised that was churlish. It's really rather a good excursion into the kind of folk music that would have been made by chainsaw wielding space travellers in 1888, had there been such folk. It's musically a lot more competent than I seem to be giving it credit for. The made up on the spot lyrics are better than anything that over-rehearsed Industrial Production Line Talent Shows will ever give you. Imagine the Gidds on the X-Factor. Cannot? Then this really is the music for you. Especially if you have sense to listen to music to discover things. Such as what things sound like with an accidentally running rhythm track.

    • eiohaki avatar
      8 years ago

      I find full of influences in this music. As if Acid Mothers Temple met Can who would have met Pink Floyd who would have met Léonard Cohen who would have met another bands I think... I prefer the songs 3 :"Once around the moon", a long and very good trip! But the album is very good too.

    • Henry_chinaski avatar
      8 years ago

      Merveilleux, tout simplement, avec une petite préférence pour les morceaux acoustique. Les effets sont utilisés à bon escient, je trouve que ça apporte quelque chose de chelou/sympathique à l'ensemble, je pense notamment au delay très courtes sur certaine percus. Le raga est rentre-dedans, avec une imitation du tabla assez ingénieuse...et constamment Lo-fi. Très bon quoi!