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Eileen Feldman

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    • 6 years ago


    • 8 years ago

      Muy buen album. Dos palabras no alcanzan. Me gustaría saber si las piezas ejecutadas son de su autoría o si está ejecutando piezas de terceros. De cualquier modo, la ejecución es sentida y emociona.Gracias

    • 9 years ago

      Hello!!! I like your Art and your Passion for music.There are many musicians in my family and we love music. Cheers!!!, Sergio.

    • 9 years ago

      I like Your style of playing. I hear some standards here and Your (I hope) compositions. Nice. This is perfect for relax and great to study and learn how to use piano. Thank You!

    • 9 years ago

      Track 1 :Broken piano, hard feelings, romantic, but like someone is left, kinda suicide. track 2 : Again romantic, but with pure feelings, quetly-tiptoe, last minute remind me of claude debisy track 3 : ... track 4 : so many hands :D - Begining -Chopin, end-Bach track 5 : Anyway my ratins is 5 becouse piano solo is deja vu...And all track are romantic... But good playing piano is all that is nice here.