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    • paredur avatar

      Refined really good music

    • Sir_Wulfrick avatar

      Very impressed with this album, both the quality of the production, the quality of the song writing and the professionalism and obvious technical skill of the musicians. For an amateur band, this really is awesome black metal! Very, very impressive. Soul Extinction deserve serious recognition. Highly recommended!

    • brudywr avatar

      This album has brought a genuine nuclear winter into my mind. Very impressive. Very professional and sounds like the early Immortal's works. My favorite tracks here are the 1st, 2nd and the 7th.

    • Narael avatar
      @ wrote

      Bon mélange de black mélodique avec du dark métal (hurlements crus, ambiance maladive, lenteur). Problème, longueur = répétitif, exemple "The End" qui fait dix minutes mais le thème ne change pas une seule fois. J'aime pas le prévisible. Heureusement, "My Last Breath" est... excellentissime :p. Du pur bonheur très puissant, heavy et black au possible. J'ai trouvé des influences Catamenia et Chimaira (The Infection), mélange bizarre mais réussi. Tout ce qu'il manque, c'est plus d'originalité dans la compo ! ***** Nice mix of meloblack and darkmetal (crude growls, sick atosphere, slow-motion). The problem is that most of the tracks are too long and become repetitive. The best example is "The End", ten minutes but it never changes, the same riff all track long. And I dislike what's predictable. Fortunatly, there is "My Last Breath" : powerful, heavy and as black as it's possible. I just headbang every time I listen to it ! I found the mix of Celtic Frost and Chimaira (The Infection) influences strange but tasty. All this band needs is more originality in the songwriting ! Cheers

    • Borsukmarek666 avatar

      Mroczny,melodyjny...czyli tak jak trzeba grać,polecam.