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Yes, Sonic Ted?

Society's End
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    • 9 years ago

      Botton line of this review first: Badgers and Elaine are the two best songs I have heard at Jamendo to date. The other three songs on this album do not live up to the mastery and delight of those two. "Badgers in the sky see the world and know what makes it turn." Clever, fun and catchy. Do I love this because this song reminds me of a floating carosel in space, because badgers are flying like pigs on the wing or because this guy has the most infectios and generous voice I've heard on Jemendo. Now, I confess I'm new to Jamendo but I am not new to loving music and I simply adore this song. Listen to these lyrics closely but do not ask them to make sense because this artist is simply playing. Having fun. Details. This song is a little less surreal than the first but there's enough vocal uniqueness here to make it standout fun. Do we care as much about Details as we do about Badgers when we're through listening? Maybe not? Does this song offer up a simple keyboard melody that reminds us a little of a dude by himself playing his keyboard? A little. And yet the acoustic guitar keeps it real, even if the repitiion of the word details get a little monotonous. Is this called Bossa Nova that we hear in Elaine? What is this style? I know I am confessing my ignorance not to know but Jamendo is interaction and so I am asking questons while I review. I love this style and feel that here in this song it is executed warmly and expertly. I'd give the first song on this album and ten and the third a ten. The second gets a five. I'm going to forget Details in the final analysis. Love the lyrics in Elaine. They are crisp and clear. There's more to the keyboards in this song than there was in Details and the warmth of the acoustic guitar remains. Is this a feel good love song? It's likely. Aliens offers up some discordant acoustic guitar and static as it starts up. The reference to "green man" cannot help but bring to mind the song by Frank Zappa enthusiast John Trubbee who wrote the delicious "A Blind Man's Penis." Under produced, this song is a jarring contrast to the song that comes before it. Clearly Societies End has put it here for a reason but really it is not as funny as the first song nor as good as the third song. It has the word crysalis in it, which would normally be a good thing but here, well, just silly. Christmas Frog Asteroid is either live or it wants us to think it is. There are two singers here. They do not agree where again is pronounced "agayn" or "agehn". If I'm thinking that, I'm not really listening, am I? "Christmas used to make me want to vomit." Childish? As childish as John Trubee? Yes. Quite. I imagine that my comments will be dismissed as uncool. Oh well. If I have to love the anti-Christmas song about the end of the world and vomit to be cool... hmmm... I think I'd rather be me. And there weird thing is, I'm not a big fan of Christmas. As a matter of fact. I don't like Christmas, truth be told. But that some was just silly. Lame. Sorry.