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Orbital Ellipses

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    • Zeuqram avatar
      6 years ago

      Hoy empecé a oir a EAR 3 iniciando con Guests of the wather p. y hasta ahora todas las rolas me han supergustado, desde hoy tienen un fan mas.

    • bacitracin avatar
      7 years ago

      Brings me back to the times when people put thought and feeling into their music.

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar
      7 years ago

      Beautifully crafted ,composition with exceptional skill used in every moment of this ... Dare I say masterpiece ? The background or ambiance is perfect for this piece ,the guitar work is wonderful (especially the solos) The drums ,The beats ,the keyboards ,everything ! Are used with mastery and precision . Much of the tempo / key changes are akin to a well made Jazz track. This is more than worth a listen . Anyone who does not notice the skills involved either have no ears ( please forgive the pun ) or have no appreciation for truly good music . To anyone who has never heard this band . Just pick any song by this band . You will not be disappointed ! More than likely you will be amazed !

    • orangeupurple avatar
      7 years ago

      Well, I have enjoyed this song for sometime now and I am surprised I haven't written a review. I adore Ear3 and will always find this group of Jamendo artists superior in their productions and compositions. This album is no exception and with the theme of space exploration and a superior rock guitar its a must have as a download or on a playlist. Beautifully and exceptionally well done and played to perfection. An outstanding presentation . . .

    • L.Zunel avatar
      8 years ago

      Musica de la que da gusto escuchar..hay espacio para todos...y los sonidos encajan muy bien....este tema agradece los 10 minutos.