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Strangers With Shoes

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    • farmertan avatar

      I was first struck by the excellent production, the subtle additions of angelic female vocals- flutes, etc. great lyrics, seemlessly switching between talking and singing, with huge hints of Al Stewart, Belle and Sebastian, and if your very young, The Mumford bros. -but so much more listenable than the latter. A fantastic positive for this website.

    • falcefra avatar

      Salve bei ritmi e belle canzoni con melodie suonate molto bene da tutti gli strumenti. Ciao e complimenti ai suonatori.

    • Dabris avatar
      @ wrote

      Imagine an old irish pub on friday's evening: the pub is well-attended, everyone is talking and drinking their guinness. On the stage a guy with a guitar is preparing for his gig but none of the people recognizes him. Then he starts to play and after a few notes one person stops talking and in the other corner of the pub another one and then another... The whole pub quiets down to listen to the guy with the guitar on the stage... And that guy is Robin Grey.

    • Geri G avatar
      @ wrote

      Bei Jamendo gibt es immer wieder Alben, die man hört und sagt wow, vielleicht auch wow-wow-wow und 5 Minuten später erinnert man sich kaum noch an die Musik und im 2. Durchgang fällt es kaum auf, dass man die Stücke schon mal gehört hat. Bei Robin Grey ist das bei mir anders: Die ersten Takte und das ganze Stück ist mir wieder präsent. Die Stücke haben solchen Charakter, sind so prägnant, die Melodien graben sich so ins Hörgedächtnis - Ohrwürmer. Wen es interessiert: Ninty Days ist hier mein Lieblingsstück!

    • Highwaydriver avatar

      Smooth and calm sounds, great vocals and interesting songs. Maybe you should tune up your mastering a little bit more to something like a 'Veranda-' or 'Pub-Sound' depending on the songs. Was a pleasure to listen to your music. Keep on drivin'!