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    • runecat777 avatar

      thankyou for sharing your beautiful music on this site. It is a breath of fresh air to hear such gentle pure sounds that are arranged with genuis...... the music of life is rare to hear from artists these days..... but every now and again, you come across the pure sound of life speaking through music.... thankyou.....

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Touch being the only discernible difference in tracks compared to the album, I will save my 'review' for the album and mark this on this bonus track. Overall, it is a very listenable EP and I am sure that the album will not disappoint, the style is more than evident and consistent. As a snapshot of the full album, my hopes are as high as can be expected. As for Touch, I think it gets off to a wonderful start and then changes into a classical drawl of quite dark sound. It categorically states antigenre, then goes on to list a host of genres, including brokenkites. Interesting. Anyway, a relatively mild track that manages to be light and airy, with curious shadows to add to the flavour. Nice EP.

    • Trancer avatar

      Je suis content de t’avoir trouvé. Tes musiques sont loin des schémas basiques que l’on entend encore et encore sans valeurs réelles ajoutées. Tu n’hésite pas nous donner de l’originalité et de la profondeur. J’aime clairement cet esprit là. Pour moi le son est spectaculaire dans sa construction et sa cohérence. Merci pour ton partage ! Your music bring something very unique and rewarding. You don't hesitate to give us the originality and depth. I love that spirit. It's just exactly what I like! Thanks you!

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      @ wrote

      I want to express like you do. You're a mastermind at this art.

    • cherylharton avatar

      This album has a dark feeling about it and yet is still thoughtful and inspirational. I enjoyed it alot and listen to it all of the time.