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Dance of the Solar Wind

Brenda Clews
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    • cvijaxo avatar
      7 years ago

      Brenda speaks and paints with so big passion and joy that it's smitting. It reminds me on my youth when I with similar enhusiasm (and beer in my hand) was reciting my poetry on student stages of my hometown. There is feeling and ambience of warm, jazzy Toronto (AND Montreal) sommer nights in her poetry here. I still feel and remember them with longing to came back and share them (again with beer in the hand) with my brother and my young and artistic nieces. So thank You Brenda for all this memories and feelings. I am going to come back here for more, that's for sure.

    • wirarama avatar
      8 years ago

      Its really new to me. Music + poetry. Music is so beautiful. Also with the poetry. Make listener relax and think about lyric. Like the beautiful musical mixed with dramatic beautiful poetry. Its a very great and unique. Thanks for share.

    • Willy Mus avatar
      8 years ago

      Sorry if i don't understand perfectly english but i will try. I like this music only simple because when i listen your voice i can feel passion and follow you with no resistance, no, with pleasure. This music is so spiritual we can driving in (or on) :) your univers. I can listen your sound voice all the time but i would like to understand what you tell. A unique voice what i have ever heard in my life (amazing) and a passionate background sound. Thanks you so much, your voice has bright spell my life and I'm sure your poetry to if i can understand :) I don't write english since one year ago isn't it ? But i tried. P.P

    • Ruediger Kramer avatar
      8 years ago

      a great work of poetry - soft and fragile

    • dirty dj avatar
      8 years ago

      et s'égrénèrent les mots sur quelques notes de piano les yeux sont clos et le tout semble si beau merci pour le cadeau pour ces sons qui sortent du lot laissons nous bercer par les flots de cette voix envoutante chaude et enivrante comme celle d'une sirène qui aux confins.... ....du lointain nous entraîne ( merci à balthaz pour cette découverte)