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Level Up! OST

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    • Eriam avatar
      7 years ago

      Grand bravos c'est rare des musiques en 8bit !

    • Tadd Euro avatar
      7 years ago

      Suoni anni 80 ed una musica per videogiochi. Un lavoro simpatico.

    • chefgeorges avatar
      7 years ago

      Du pur son 8bit console :) Sombre, avec des effets simples mais efficace, tout comme les mélodies... c'est tout simplement très efficace :) Un bien beau travail, bravo :) (les titres sont juste un peu court)

    • calelogan avatar
      7 years ago

      As a chiptune fan (and game developer), it's hard for me to comment unbiased... The OST is not groundbreaking, but it is original. By maintaining its chipmusic origins, but also elaborating upon it, the tracks feel as a finely tuned and positively different soundtrack for a NES game. However, all tracks could use a bit more flair and variety. At times they seem a bit monotonous and fail to make good use of the variety of chipmusic sounds existent today. I especially like the first 22 seconds of "Good Day" which could easily be used an intro for many things. Lastly, is the game "Level Up" fictitious or is available?