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Distant Worlds Jamendo Music album cover
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    • VozDeSangue avatar
      7 years ago

      Nothing new,disappointing and very laborious.Maybe I was just expecting too much...Tangerine Dream's Alpha Centauri for instance. :(

    • opened_my_ears avatar
      7 years ago

      Looking to enter the drone zone? This is your ticket to ride. Thoughtfully composed noise pieces that'll have you drifting off to sleep in no time at all. Perfect for low-volume play in order to drown out other noises, so you can crash.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Distant Worlds', is a 5 track, Instrumental, Electronica-Ambient album. The music is this album is Very Strong. Which is to say: The Tone, Quality and Timbre are ALL Forceful. This music is not remotely Shy. Synthesizer in String and Keyboard Modes generate strikingly Dynamic Sound--including--Acoustic-like Piano esp in Track #1 'Waves' and the Percussive Element is Unusually rich for a Digitally Voiced Instrument. The Music is also Highly Repetitive and that is not necessarily a bad thing as Trance is often Hypnotic because it is Repetitive however in this album--due to the length and Power of the songs--the Redundant Aspect can wear thin if you attempt to listen to the album Start to Finish in a single session. Track #3. 'Mu', is a good example. It is virtually a Mono-Tone of Sound for nearly 3 min( of 11:12) and that is a long time to wait for some variety. It is a Good Song but be prepared for the Unusually long Loop cycle. Listen to this track when you are washing dishes or folding laundry. Track #2 and #5 Koan/Koan Reprise, feature Theme and Variation yet are sufficiently distinct to provide a Rich Musical Experience. Track #4. 'Haiku', on the other hand has much less of the Redundant Sound and is more Electronic Ambiance with Bell-like Tones and Wood Mallet-like Synth Voices. Very Original and Pleasant. Listen to the entire before passing judgment.

    • Tadek59 avatar
      7 years ago

      Thanks for share Aufklarung Nice music !

    • Wogis avatar
      7 years ago

      gut gemacht^^