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Digital Elegy - The Single

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    • Vellum avatar
      7 years ago

      Anche la musica elettronica può creare poesia.

    • miradamo avatar
      7 years ago

      very thanks JCRZ !!!One of the most beatiful,pieces of music that have recently been heard. Regards

    • 2323 avatar
      7 years ago


    • zephiria67 avatar
      8 years ago

      Très agréable à écouter. Album très zen et très léger. J'aime beaucoup. j'ai envie de vite découvrir les autres album. Merci pour le partage. Album découvert grâce à Orangeupurple

    • orangeupurple avatar
      8 years ago

      Music so peaceful, restful, and lovely it can be enjoyed any time of the year and anywhere you wish to create an atmosphere of calm.