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Hydra Science Volume I: After the Fall

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    • 10 years ago

      Space so variously interpreted and relied upon, here is a sound feast on static randomness. Caged Bird paces methodically and monotonously, trapped forever and denied of its essential beingness, with the occasional flutter of synthetic wings from one tiny perch to another. However, despite the bars, it finds an essence on which to survive the situation. Which is In Perfect Balance, an internalisation of the impulse to live onwards and upwards, if only in spirit. Just Another Piece of the Puzzle encapsulates that sense of having found a compromise with the self. Eventually the pieces form a whole, the trick is maintaining the fortitude to reach completion, though that seems never ending and my experience with puzzles is that there is always one bit missing. Somewhere We've Never Been Before is true, I've not been here before, but here I stand in the sands of time, wondering lonely, wandering in solitude. The Fall, for me is inevitable, but in the meantime a gorgeously constructed track. There is no Justice, just us and Vengeance is a very strong driving force to be reckoned with. Good strong tracks that fit into the puzzle nicely. Not Tethered To You is a wonderful track indeed. Then, it follows on with Falling Away from You, which on a personal level speaks volumes to me, like a richly captured painting of sound, that is oh so profound. And it is, as it seems it was, about Letting Go, opening the caged bird and releasing the very thing you love most dearly, left with platitudes to soothe the aching emptiness as the bird flies. And then that sense of loss, makes it all the more real again. You want the magic of that relationship back, more than anything in the world, but it's nowhere in sight. Watching Your Sun Set Forever is a sense of closure, preparation to move on. It is, like the previous track, one that doesn't seem to do a lot when you really listen, but appears to work fantastically well. There is a very supportive spirit to the album as a whole which acts as the driving force and keeps the interest active and almost a sense, at least for me, of participation. Room to Breathe is the emotional ventilation that was needed and eventually gained. Lovely track to carry on with, and something that perpetually eludes me. Take today for instance, up at five so I can get things done, before the kids awaken and fill my day with requests and demands for attention. The spaces in between us, leave room for you and I to grow. Yep, Still Here and in a sense starting over, another brightness of future to come and the track manages to capture that effervescence. Maybe just what I need, maybe even you the imagined reader (I don't expect anyone has got this far, so I am in a sense talking to myself and just so happen to post in as a pitiful attempt at making an assessment of a variety of creativity, I don't kid myself to such a degree to think that what I say means much, if anything, to anyone). But, like I said, I'm still here and this is My Last Gift To You (I need a break, in more ways than one). Overall, a pretty astounding piece of work and I will get round to volume II next, I have to confess a little confusion in which way round they should go so I opted for the obvious and went for linear. I hope that it works either way, but it's been quite an emotional trip of sorts and I am pretty tired, so this end to my 'review' is my last gift indeed. Brilliant album!-)

    • 11 years ago

      ta peut etre la clef mais il ten reste long Danny Dan

    • 11 years ago

      10.0 Don't believe me? Listen to "Not Tethered to You"

    • 11 years ago

      Ja, so ein Electronica-Rockalbum mag ich mir ganz gerne mal antun Da kommt durchaus (bei einigen Stücken!) Pubatmosphäre auf Und die Jungs haben hörbar Spaß, was auch die superlange Laufzeit nahe legt. ...aber 2-3 Songs sind dann (meines Erachtens)n doch "sehr uninspiriert", und so reicht es für mich letzlich "nur" für 3 1/2 Sterne