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A Day at the People Factory

DOUG the Eagle
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    • zikokeur avatar
      10 years ago

      entre floyd et genesis (gd période avant 75)quelques sonorités de notre époque,le tout en parfaite harmonie et très bien métrisé .bravo !de électro de très grande qualité .

    • bizun_ avatar
      10 years ago

      A music album "A day at people factory", Released as of late 2005. The author himself refers to it, as 'reverse engineered PinkFloyd stuff' -- and indeed, the opening song, entitled just like the album, sounds almost as a prelude to "The dark side of the Moon", with bouncing echoed bass and cascades of VCS-like synth solos. As the other album, (Songs for the Wild-At-Heart), this one also is not only the tunes, but also a concept. Some of the concepts eludes me, as I didn't read some books or didn't play certain games, or (as in case of the closing composition "The Quest of Sacred Jaguar") I do not know some legends, but at least trying to understand, I searched the net to find the context -- and comparing how lazy I am, this is really something. Any flaws? I don't like the excerpt from "Per Gynt", maybe because I don't like the original tune, but it seemed to me that it doesn't match all the other content of the record (though indeed, laboriously and beautifully crafted). Final rate? Tough task: I gave seven to "Songs for Wild at Hart", and giving "..People Factory" a six would be unfair, so weak, but deserved seven. Go, go, JPM!

    • Momoka avatar
      10 years ago

      Oui du bon progressive rock, avec la mélodie, le tempo et toute une ambiance.. A la fois doux et dynamique, quoi de mieux pour démarrer l'année? Les consonnances sont plutôt "Dark" à partir du 3ème morceau . l'ampleur et la gravité apparaissent bien à "Free Flight"qui est un trés beau morceau. La voix du chanteur est parfaitement en harmonie avec les instruments (7ème morceau) L'avant-dernier morceau est un pur régal, ça démarre avec une variation sur une valse bien connue(faut le faire), la batterie suit ça sans problème! Trés bon album dont la composition révèle une maitrise au-dessus de la moyenne. Trés bon groupe, à retenir absolument!! Momoka

    • Cvert Blue avatar
      11 years ago

      Lyrics are pretty wacky, except to "Got the Death?" (that is one good song. I'm definitely keeping that); the voices aren't half-bad, and the techno-grooves are very lovely, some of them quite-catchy. This is kind of fun-loving, but at the same-time regal, organized, and well-executed techno. Sounds mostly synthesized, except for the voice samples, but that doesn't stop it from being very nice. At times, though, it does sound a bit like video game background music, but that's probably instrument choice more than anything else. On a piano backed up with percussion, these melodies would probably do fantastically. Not to say they don't work here. Although once again, the central instrument choice could be a more subdued one, then the current, sometimes-headache-inducing synth, I like these songs, and most of them are worth a few more listens at least.

    • francois35420 avatar
      11 years ago

      Un album que je classerais dans la catégorie "inclassable". Ces musiques, très originales, sont vraiment sympathiques, avec une grande variété sonore, et des sons tous exploités. Un alubm aux multiples visages. Bon album !