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Domino Single Jamendo Music album cover
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    • sweet Hsiao avatar
      7 years ago

      Dear nankado san First of all, I have to say, really appreciate for the excellent music that give us lots of inspiration for making films. I present our team, Gangkou No.1 (港口一號), to ask you about music authority. We strongly think the music is prefect for our film, , and share to other people. We do really want to put the songs in the documentary. If it is possible, could you grant Grünemusik’s authority of “Domino” and “Summer “for our documentary of art & environment festival, dialogue between generations. Cheers/ Sweet e-mail:

    • vulturius avatar
      8 years ago

      Very nice. Sounds like true anime BGM. :) Theme from 'Domino' reminds me a FFVII main theme. And I guess a 'Summer' tune is inspired of some maestro Kawai's work. Anyway, good job!

    • orangeupurple avatar
      8 years ago

      Lots of interesting noisy bits - and some pretty nice music superimposed on those bits - Kind of a fun listen - and very very interesting. Also very unique - don't know what kind of atmosphere it will present for others but for me it made me laugh - kind of tickled my fancy - was it cute? yes cute! But not hard on the ears.

    • Mawr Gorshin avatar
      8 years ago

      This would make good movie soundtrack music.

    • 2323 avatar
      8 years ago

      Interesting album, like soundtrack for film.