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P-F-M Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Bielebny avatar
      6 years ago

      Album równy,trzyma poziom od pierwsej do ostatniej nuty.Dobra dawka optymistycznego grania.Get Funky!!!

    • lopvel avatar
      7 years ago

      Me encanta

    • petersteev avatar
      7 years ago

      ...merci ! Tous les ingrédients s'y trouvent, mais je me réserve un peu...pour un 10. Continuez...

    • ArkBlitz avatar
      8 years ago

      Este disco me puso a bailar en mi asiento, en serio. Es un excelente material para un buen simfile de StepMania.

    • logictheo avatar
      8 years ago

      "02 - SEX IT UP" must be my favourite. It makes me feel like I'm playing the video game GTA Vice City, I'm driving the car and the radio is on. I feel that there was some similar kind of music in that video game. "01 - P-F-M" is a nice music piece, while reading in the beginning description it mentions various names, one of them "Jamiroquai". I'm not sure but maybe that artist has been involved with a similar kind of music. I don't know French, but I really liked your album, it's cool and relaxing. I really appreciate you made this music album a free cultural work, really great because as I've listened to it, it's become and is continuing to be a part of my life(in music). Note: