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Larmes d'hiver Jamendo Music album cover
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    • alleksa avatar

      Co za nastrój! piękna muzyka.

    • Fabrice Gears avatar

      Pretty music, a few monotonous (or it's because I hate winter and snow ;-) Great to relax and dream.

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    • evenise avatar

      Your music is beautiful, words cannot describe it. We live in Venice (Venezia) in Italy and we have a web site in French about Venice, we did a video of the last snow fall on the 10th of March 2010 with your "larmes" (in the middle of the video) http://www.e-venise.com/photos10/0311-video-tempete-de-neige-a-venise.html also in HD: http://www.e-venise.com/photos10/0311-video-tempete-de-neige-a-venise-hd.html Thank you again for your great talent!!! Luca and Daniela e-Venise.com Venezia

    • kastrus2000 avatar

      Muy buen album. Una pena que sólo sean tres temas. El primer corte tiene un aire medieval, que personalmente me encanta.