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Newborn Butterflies Jamendo Music album cover
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    • ThomasRauber avatar
      5 years ago

      my favourite album so far *-*

    • kilted1 avatar
      5 years ago

      First allow me to apologize for not reviewing this work sooner, I don't know how I didn't provide my opinion sooner. This album is probably my favorite of all of StrangeZero so far, although "In Center of Being" is growing on me quickly. This album truly stands alone as the finest of craftsmanship, evoking emotions which skate that razor edge of thrilling and disturbing, yet altogether pleasurable at the same time. All OF US shook me HARD and DEEPLY the first time, I was in tears and shaking ... to be reminded by a child what WE are doing to this world, seemingly willingly and without reason, couched so beautifully in musical poetry was awesome! The intro to Inoki Aselgy often reaches deeply inside me as well, these things are happening with disturbing frequency these days. My favorite track though as many others have stated is Mature Audience, having Al Pacino layered in with such a POWERFUL oration stirs my very soul ... I will NOT go down THAT WAY !!! Indeed ! A SUPERB ALBUM !!

    • bobinhk avatar
      6 years ago

      Right now, I'm listening to Gruds on Daci. So there's no way I can find one ounce of criticism for this album. Thanks for the Melting Pill, guys. This album is a beaut! And live on, ye fighters for freedom and enlightenment (Martin Luther King, David Suzuki). My favourite track is Melting Pill, and the album has a unique, innovative sound.

    • morelitos avatar
      6 years ago

      a mi en verdad no me gusta mucho la musica electronica pero este album esta muy bueno !! esta bueno el trance

    • TASM50 avatar
      6 years ago

      Very melodic and powerful sound! Thank You! Очень красивая, мелодичная и гармоничная музыка. Я рад что совершенно случайно Вас открыл.