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The Mythical Creatures Exhibition

DOUG the Eagle
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    • 10 years ago

      I like all albums of Doug :-)! Sound of the underground - 70`s and 80`s. Various themes by all albums. Spaced synthi-sound with psychedelic vocals and text. Fine Work :-). greetz Kosmick

    • 11 years ago

      Another one: "Mythical Creatures Exhibition", the last but not least work, and candidate for my private Album of the Year 2007 internal award (though lost by hair to Rafał Blechacz's "Chopin's preludes and nocturnae"). This is truly matured work: Joseph has found his own sound, and does not need to replicate radiophonic techniques from late sixties, as he now has his own way. Just like "Songs for the Wild..", this one is also divided in two parts, like old-fashioned vinyl record; side A providing set of catchy songs, concluded with more epic "The Dark Revenge of Jakob Pettersohn" (by the way, I work in Denmark with an individual called Jakob Pettersen). The side B of the record contains only single composition "Project: Dragonsong". People reading DMFA or attending Lost Lake forums may discuss, whether is it a requiem for Dragon race, after Destania's plan is brought to the sunlight, but fan-fiction speculations aside, the piece, which may even aspire to the name of symphony, is utmost beautiful. I didn't want to re-hear this album with my S1 and headset -- I waited, until I had free evening alone, so I decided to hear it from beginning to the end when I'm on this company trip to Kopenhagen. So, relaxed, with a glass of Tuborg Julebryg in my hand I've immersed in peculiar garden of sounds. And when it came to second, or maybe third movement of "Dragonsong", I suddenly felt all the distance to my home, and almost bursted into tears... This rarely happens, as I'm kind of numb when it comes to emotions. And this, dear Tapewolf, earned You extra star: I put eight-and-half (rounded here to 9) on "M.C.E",

    • 11 years ago

      Un rock quasi-romantique, avec des "doubles voix" excellentes, je découvre et j'apprécie vraiment! Bravo pour le groupe, c'est du very good!! Momoka

    • 11 years ago

      Je disais lors du précedent album que c'était un groupe de rock progressif digne représentant de l'ere des Pink Floyd c'est un pop rock particulièrement bien élaboré une très joli rythmique et des melodies enivrantes "beings and creatures" est carrement magique et mystique pour tous les fan de Roger Waters il y a du genie dans cette formation VERY GOOD WORK THIS ALBUM IS MAGIC.......