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Old Good L.E.O. Jamendo Music album cover

Old Good L.E.O.

Oleg Serkov
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    • zinp avatar
      6 years ago

      Un très beau moment musical propre à Oleg Serkow.

    • gordi-o avatar
      6 years ago

      Больше нравится эта версия. Спасибо.

    • stranniy kot avatar
      6 years ago

      Олег,продолжай в том же духе!!!

    • Jutciak avatar
      7 years ago

      What more can I say? It's perfect. And I love it. Thank you, Mr. Serkov.

    • Tipiaf avatar
      7 years ago

      First : THANK YOU !!!! It sounds like heaven. I am in heaven when I listen to your guitar. Really. Is there any Satriani influences in your music? I feel the poetry of Satriani and the magic of... well, you, probably. I can't stop listening to your albums. Many many many thanks!!!!