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    • caiodeibonetti avatar
      5 years ago

      la mia preferita è wonderful melodia capacie di incantare e che sa dare grandi emozioni COMPLIMENTI, il life mi sache tutti rimangono incantati,

    • randy avatar
      6 years ago

      You sound like a an adept group of musicians who aren't afraid to stretch out a little. The song writing is excellent, very catchy tunes with nice hooks and breaks. All the playing and singing is appealing. I like some of the unusual instrument sounds... they take your music out of the realm of the ordinary. In some ways, this reminds me a lot of some of the attitude of serious art new wave of the early 80s, before punk turned hardcore. Too bad this album is only three songs, but based on what you have so far, I'm ready for more.

    • ElRafo avatar
      6 years ago

      L'EP è molto buono su molti punti di vista (voci, arrangiamenti) ma in certi momenti sembra di ascoltare cose già sentite e tutta l'opera vira molto più al pop radio friendly che alla musica alternativa...

    • Szarah avatar
      6 years ago

      Et je le dis rarement :) Cet opus est un concentré de bonnes références, c'est bien orchestré et question voix la justesse est évidente.

      6 years ago

      Very good stuff! It make me want to grab a guitar again! This is very good especially the style of the production, full of good ideas and ...what a voice! Keep it going!