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Honky Fonky (EP) Jamendo Music album cover
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    • VozDeSangue avatar
      6 years ago

      Great funk...great music..great fun...

    • bigman2b avatar
      6 years ago

      all I feel has been said...oh! shared recently with friends near L.A....and dey iz hip hopin dey funky bodeez all ovah da floor...bigsmiles, bigtime. Everybody wants MORE!

    • CaioIsntDead avatar
      7 years ago

      This recording is just what hip hop shouldn't have lost from its roots. The bass lines are fantastic, it sounds like a very great piece of "going back to the 70's" groovy music. "Oh No, Babe" is my favorite track right now, everything in it is awesome. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

    • aquarelle_ avatar
      7 years ago

      Le genre de musique que j'aime écouter!!!

    • gecko1107 avatar
      7 years ago

      Vraiment rien à dire. Planant et c'est sur mailtune ! (