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Amethystine Cave

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    • 8 years ago

      I was intrigued by this one as I normally associate WMRI with a warm sound and calling this one Amethystine Cave conjured up my impressions of subterranean caves that go along the lines of cold, dark, water dripping from the roof, echoes and other things along similar lines (think Oophoi and the truly excellent Arpe di Sabbi set); all in all everything but warmth. As it turns out we are both right and both wrong. Track one is full of warmth, the dripping roof is turned into a fast flowing underground river, the cave becoming illuminated by a thousand bright lights and the overall feel is that of being slightly lightweight, even twee and, at times, gives more than a passing nod in the direction of new age. It's not that I do not like the track, I do, but the sound does not reflect the title and the mind impressions you expect. The second track reverses all this. The pace drops, the lights go out and the drip can commence. This track conveys well the subterranean world and the sounds which it creates over the centuries. I much prefer this track both musically and illustratively. This release is a two tracker of great contrast rather than a single coherent work. Overall, I find it very good but a little weaker, mainly because of track one, than the last few WMRI releases. I have scored one point down due to this. Still a fine release and, as always, my thanks for your efforts and sharing.