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    • wolfz avatar
      8 years ago

      bellissime atmosfere e grandi musicisti ;)

    • Hox avatar
      8 years ago

      Brilliantly music moves continuously from prog metal to prog rock and back with ease. We can hear influences by Meshuggah (inescapable for any serious progger after Destroy, Erase, Improve was released), Ozric Tentacles, Dream Theater ; sometimes Virgil Donati's On the Virg and brazilian Freakeys, which have same aptitude for sudden broken/odd rhythms and twirling tone changes. For instance, at AmnesiA startup there's a light recall to Eddy Van Halen, then the intro opens à la On the Virg followed shortly by a bridge sounding a little like Sleep Terror. It's a large prog palette, so sound keeps interesting. All tracks are good, but my favorite is Crepuscolo, it has personality, my favorite kind of music passages (a little kraut) and a touch of magic.