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Rumeurs d'Orient Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Dream of soaring where the birds dare to fly Dream of quiet meadows under a blue canopy Dream of peaceful oceans tasting sandy shores . . . Dream of golden angels in heavenly chorals .. .. Dream of the music . . . that will take you far away Dream and you will find it here . . . so close . .. . so near by . . .

    • favorigreg avatar

      on ressent une paix intérieure... cette musique me réconforte et me relaxe

    • orangeupurple avatar

      Beautiful, serene, sedate, passive, sad, and very relaxing . . . like wings flowing in an updraft on a lazy warm afternoon.. .. .. impassive, the bird relaxes and floats on the flow, looking over the ocean and the land below and all that lays beneath her as if an offering from the gods she feels in her breast a tiny stir of peacefulness at the end of this day, at last. M^^W PEACE

    • alleksa avatar

      piękna, nastrojowa muzyka.

    • joeltarlao avatar

      Mélancolique et magnifique