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...And Daryil Answered (or: Hippy Music Vol.6 - Songs of Lies an Jamendo Music album cover

...And Daryil Answered (or: Hippy Music Vol.6 - Songs of Lies an

DOUG the Eagle
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    • RBN1967 avatar
      7 years ago

      It's a pleasure listening to non-metal prog these days. My favorite track is The last days of the Brotherhood - very inspired. The title track is also an excellent piece. Congratulations!

    • Perduss avatar
      7 years ago

      Un mélange de Genesis, Hawkwind, Doors… Un son qui reviens de mon enfance… je commence à être un peut âgé… Non pas trop âgé… 53 ans… j'ai avancé avec toute cette profusion de genres… De directions… de l'électronique… et de la création sans loi... Perduss

    • thierry7 avatar
      7 years ago

      Il suffit d'écouter et tout commentaire devient inutile ! Album superbe de la même veine que les précédents.

    • bizun_ avatar
      8 years ago

      Another album from this great artist. This time not awaited long. No announcements, except maybe for easy to omit note on Author's service, that tapes were submit to mastering. No promises nor due dates -- just a surprise to all listeners' delight. Same as the former releases, this album is clearly divided into virtual sides of vinyl record. First side is consequently kept in mood of late 1960's, from the first notes immersing us in vintage klang of Hammond organ and Würlitzer electric piano. Although setups resemble a bit those in Pancake ferret, the style is more consistent and mastering far better. As for the songs: this time experiments with sound and attempts to surprise listener were postponed for sake of good old song. Great hummable tunes and real swing, making one tap the rhythm with fingertips. And this through first five songs. Then take a rest and enter the mad race of All machine -- a pun on late 80's British electro-pop, set of voltage-controlled synths played against beat-box, which sounds almost, but not quite, entirely unlike TR-808. But, the choice of sound and timbre was not random and corresponds to the song lyrics. Same for rest of the second half of the album, up to the final, eponymous ballad. Joseph once again showed us, he can surprise with something new and that it is all about music, not technical puzzles. This album uses more instrumental passages and improvised solos than former ones, also vocal quality is improving. Song lyrics, the same as album title, again refer to DMFA / Jacob Pettersohn universe, although knowing, who Lord Daryil is, is not quite necessary to enjoy the album. Or maybe may be helpful to understand an inside joke in the final song (I don't want to spoil, but it is certain, that young adventurer has no idea, what kind of person Daryil is). My favourites? I treat this album as a whole, every piece is in its place, and shall not be moved. Over all rating? Great album again, eight stars [++++++++--] and nomination to Album of the Year award for 2010.

    • shadowbane avatar
      8 years ago

      I expected nothing less than an amazing album to follow up the three little pigs, and this album was no disappointment. The first track provides pretty standard DTE instrumentals, though I felt that the vocals seemed a bit forced and somewhat weak. Fishsticks makes an improvement in this area, with a fun and bouncy song about, well, fishsticks. Following this up are what I consider to be three of the best songs that he has ever recorded: S.A.I.A. Blues, The Last Days Of The Brotherhood, and The Ballad of Daniel LaGrange. All machine had an interesting digital sound to it, a slight departure from what I have come to expect in a DTE album, but in no way bad. The Incubus Song and Professional Suicide are both solid tracks, well worth listening to, but they don't stand out among the other tracks on the album. Tome of Demonography is a solid track, but it feels like the effects on the vocals are a little heavy. And that brings us the the 12 minute epic that is the anchor and title track for the album. It is easy to see why this is Doug's favorite track. Attention has been paid to every detail of this track. Effects are used effectively and the instrumentation is masterpiece in classic DTE style. On top of this it has an interesting storyline that draws the listener in. This what prog rock is meant to be. I look forward with great anticipation to the next release that DTE will make. Also I get the feeling that a DTE concert would be an event worth seeing. I know you are only one person with sequencers, synths, and analog mixing stuff, but if you got a band together you would have a mighty live show. Edit: I forgot to mention, the PDF link is bad and links to the book for the three little pigs. The proper link is here: